Ad & Sponsorship Policy

The reality is that Healthinfobd expends a fairly big budget to cover the contents such as well-researched articles, media including video, animations, opinion from health experts on different professions, and all other conditions related to website maintenance. Therefore, Healthinfobd manages funding from google AdSense, offline and banner advertisements, sponsored content, and other partnerships including affiliate programs. We follow strictly our specific ad and sponsorship guidelines considering our readers’ flexibility. However, we never allow changes in our content by being influenced by any sponsor.

Privacy Policy

Readers’ privacy is our top priority. Healthinfobd is dedicated to protecting the privacy of readers and customers. We are committed to restricting all personal information that audiences have shared with Healthinfobd and will be used only to send weekly exclusive newsletters and accurate purposes.


The content we create is for information purposes only and is not intended to be an alternative for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We suggest always seek advice from a qualified health provider based on a medical condition or medical emergency you have.

Our website Healthinfobd discourages any kind of environmental pollution, social violence, and harassment.